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Why First Assistance?

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We have 20+ years of experience in the emergency medical services industry. Be at ease with our expertise and skill. 


When it’s emergencies, we don’t take chances. We have a fleet of ambulances ready to get to go on site at all times. 


The faster we get a person to a hospital, the better their chances of recovery. That’s why speed is part of everything we do. 

How It Works

Getting To Know You

We’ll need you to complete the application process to verify some information about you to get started. The process only takes 2 minutes.


Once your application has been confirmed, check your email for login details to our dashboard where you can manage your membership.

Save Our Hotline

When you sign up, there will be a 24/7 dedicated hotline on the dashboard that is accessible to members only. Save it to your phone’s emergency contacts.

Our Plans

Important: We are launching our early access to households and businesses based in Klang Valley, Johor Bahru and Penang Island. If you’re living outside of these areas, no worries – we’re expanding fast. Sign up for the free membership to get notified when the premium membership becomes available where you live. 

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*We strive to meet a 15 minute response time in regular Malaysian city traffic conditions.


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*We strive to meet a 15 minute response time in regular Malaysian city traffic conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lightning fast response times will lead to significantly higher rate of survival for life-threatening situations.

First Assist is a technology enabled emergency service provider that is supported by a well equipped fleet and team that is 100% patient-focused. As a result, we boast a average response time of 15 minutes within the Klang Valley. 

Free members will be able to access our dedicated member’s hotline when they require our services. However, 3rd party costs such as ambulance fees will be chargeable (up to RM2,000 per trip) when you are on our free plan.

While the free plan is good enough for reducing response times, the premium plan will give you peace of mind by covering all expenses for emergency transportation.

We take Ministry of Health guidelines into consideration, work with public ambulance services in order to reduce the response time towards global standards of 12-15 minutes.

Reducing response time of emergency response services is key to saving lives. Our mission is to improve Malaysia’s emergency services infrastructure to reduce unnecessary mortality cases that can be avoided.

Another good reason why you need First Assistance is because you get to dictate which private hospitals you get sent to depending on your pre-existing illnesses and conditions to ensure you get the medical care that you deserve. 


We are a trusted and open technology platform that works with tried and vetted ambulance service partners in Malaysia. Some of our partners are the top ambulance providers.

Our team has international expertise from Singapore, a full medical team on board, a verified medical response team in Malaysia. First Assistance is also started by a superstar team of visionaries desperate to make the emergency response infrastructure in Malaysia better.

Absolutely! You can always change your membership on your user dashboard after you sign up. The rates are pro-rated so you’ll never have to pay extra for the coverage duration.

Absolutely. For people living outside of Coverage Areas, we will not be able to achieve the 15 minutes response time commitment.

However that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sign up! We will be able to respond to cases outside the coverage areas and the additional expected time will be 1 minute per KM outside of coverage area.

We only accept credit cards and debit cards. Payments on our platform are processed by Stripe, a company based out of San Francisco that serves more than 100 countries all around the world. They are a PCI Service Provider Level 1, which is the most stringent level of certification available for payment processors. All card details processed are encrypted with AES-256. Stripe is also used by companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Uber, Spotify, Grab, FashionValet, DahMakan and SoCar. We don’t process or store your financial details on our database.